Customer Services Agreement


Mutuality Corporation guarantees a 99% application server availability.(measurement reports of on line server availability available on a web portal)



8:00AM to 6:00PM (Customer local time) Monday to Friday

Mutuality Corporation will respond to telephone support calls within 2 hours of receiving the call.Calls received outside of normal telephone support period will be forwarded to a mobile phone and best efforts will be made to action the call.



Monitored 8:00AM to 6:30PM Monday to Friday

Mutuality Corporation will respond to e-mail support requests within 2 hours of reciept.Mutuality will use best endeavours to respond to emails outside of normal business day support hours.However these email requests will be responded to before 11AM of the next working day.



Service requests for on site assistance guaranteed within 24 hours of request during normal business week.



Payment of service costs invoiced with timing and requirements as per the payment plan/schedule

Reasonable availability of customer representative(s) when resolving a service related request or incident.




Where any term or condition imposing liability is implied through the operation of any law, and that term or condition cannot be excluded, the service providers liability under that term or condition is limited to the resupply of the services provided, or the cost of having those services resupplied.


If the service provider is held or found to be liable to the customer for any matter relating to or arising in connection with this agreement, wether based on an action or claim in contract, negligence, tort or otherwise, the amount of damages recoverable from the service provider for all acts or omissions will not exceed in the aggregate an amount equal to the aggregate value of amounts paid to the service provider for the last six months.



Customer data remains the property of the customer.All customer content including data and information remains the property of the customer.



Mutuality’s software suite is installed and offered on IBM’S Bluemix Cloud infrastructure.Data security is paramount with Bluemix. Bluemix uses the standard security protocols and mechanisms to facilitate the exchange and the transmission of sensitive data, such as credit cards etc. Bluemix utilises great care in keeping the information of users private and secure. Bluemix adheres to the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbour Framework as well as the Safe Harbour principles as agreed and set forth by the United States Department of Commerce and the European Union (‘EU’).