What is Mutuality?
Next generation AI enabled digital marketing platform.

True single platform

Brings together all customer data on one platform.
Enables rapid, timely relevant individual customer interaction seamlessly across all channels.
Specifically designed for the retail sector.

Track & respond to individual customer behaviour across all channels & marketing touchpoints

NORA Partner

Know the individual customer journey to purchase

Mutuality tracks the individual customer journey across all touch points/channels. Captures every individual customer touch across all connected devices and every channel, every store, every SKU etc. ‘smart trackers’ capture data from web site and e-commerce platform. Data from all touch points is collected and resides on one single platform making it refreshingly simple to operate.

Membership-Know the individual persona

Collect customer demographics, attach any number of individual customer attributes (dynamic table), add tags i.e. to attach a discrete set of customers to a store, customer class, brand etc. Couple up with individual journey and purchase history.

Architect the individual customer experience

Track individual behaviour, AI provides marketers with deeper knowledge of consumers and prospective clients. Deliver relevant, timely communication and offers based on individual persona, journey and history. Relevancy in marketing is key to brand loyalty and lifetime value. Launch campaigns across all channels including social media from the single Mutuality platform.

Real Time Analytics

Manage and measure campaigns in near real time by channel, store, product etc. Evaluate the impact and ROI of individual campaigns in near real time. Analyse a campaign result across all channels via a single page easy to read schematic.

Multi Tenancy System

Attach discrete customer databases to individual stores, brands, franchises, etc Run varied campaigns, marketing programs concurrently by store, brand, locality etc and measure in near realtime. Manage multiple brands whether national or international through a single platform centralized system.

Digitise the Store-Integration with POS

Leverage the power of digital in store. POS capabilities combined with Mutuality platform enables a true, unified, omni-channel retail platform. Connect to existing systems.


All data elements at ones fingertips to enable any type of loyalty program/s. Integrates with any current loyalty program. With AI, marketers know exactly what consumers are thinking, saying, and feeling about a brand.

Simplicity of Operation

Easy to use. Designed for marketers and non-IT personnel. Marketers architect the customer experience.

Secure, Stable & Highly Scalable

Offered on IBM Bluemix Cloud on a monthly service fee basis.